Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hello. I decided to start a blog because i wanted to write about my thoughts. I am going to leave my name a mystery. I will let you in many aspects of my life, except for my name. I am seventeen years old. I live in a small very religious town, which i can't stand. Nothing against religion though. I love fashion, interior design, anything that lets my use my creativity. One of the main reasons i am starting a blog is because i feel i am at a strange point in my life. Almost like a breaking point, i feel i could break off and accomplish a lot, or break off and do absolutely nothing. I want more then anything to be sucsessful and happy in my life. What will make me accomplish just that? Exactly my problem. With the days and weeks to come, i will be filling you in with more and more of my life. My problems, happiness, and hardships.
Let the games begin.

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